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Her Guardian Angel (Part 8)

The next morning, the sound of laughter and smell of coffee greeted me when I opened the door. It was evident from the ear splitting cackle that Mindy had returned from her boyfriend’s and she shot me her usual bright smile as I entered the kitchen along with practically singing ‘Hi Adam.’ What did I tell you? Far too cheerful at eight in the morning. Caroline was sat at the table leisurely drinking from her favourite mug and half-heartedly flicking through a magazine while she laughed at whatever had been said before I came in. How could she be so casual after last night? “Crap. Look at the time! I’d better get ready for work.” Mindy hastily finished the half eaten piece of toast in her hand and downed the remainder of her coffee before rushing out the room. I stared at Caroline as she pushed her chair back and went to refill her cup from the half full pot under the machine. “Look, I know you’re pissed.” “’Pissed’ isn’t the word. You lied to me. For years. You did something stu

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